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Elect Jill Otte for DuPage County Circuit Court Judge

Why Am I Running?

My career ambition has long been to be a judge. Serving DuPage County as a Circuit Court Judge would allow me to continue my 25 year legal career as a public servant. I am passionate about ensuring that all citizens are treated respectfully and professionally in our courtrooms. Additionally, the DuPage Judiciary is in need of diversity, as women and minorities are greatly underrepresented.

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General Election

The general election for DuPage County Circuit Court Judge will be held on November 3, 2020. Please register to vote today.

Why Would I Make a Good Judge?

Jill Otte DuPage County Circuit Court Judge Candidate

I will be an effective judge because I have trial experience and the proper temperament.

I have been a litigator for 25 years and tried hundreds of cases in both criminal and civil courtrooms. I was a prosecutor at the Kane County State's Attorney's Office for 5 years, and I have also been an Assistant Attorney General for the Illinois Attorney General's Office for over 19 years.

In addition to my courtroom experience, my temperament also makes me well-suited for the bench. I have maintained my composure in many difficult courtroom situations. For example, I have learned that good manners matter. I have found that if I am polite when speaking with others, including judges, witnesses, courtroom staff, and coworkers, they tend to give me the same courtesy. I have found that my natural tendency to be thoughtful, courteous, and kind serves me well.

Finally, women and minorities are greatly underrepresented in the DuPage Judiciary. In the last 10 years, 25 judges have been appointed, and only six appointees were women. Only two appointments have been persons of color. A more diverse judiciary would better represent our community as a whole. My perspective as a woman, an attorney, and a mother will be beneficial to all those who appear before me.

I look forward to the privilege of being able to serve the citizens of DuPage County as a Circuit Court Judge.


  • Jill Otte has sound judgment, the right temperament and more than 20 years of experience in public service to be an excellent circuit court judge.

    - Kathy Laurent

    Knowing you professionally and personally for 20 years, I truly believe that you will be an excellent judge!

    - Jacqueline Williams

    Jill is knowledgeable, prompt and efficient and pays excellent attention to detail. I have really enjoyed working with her.

    - Rachel Hess

Friends of Jill Otte

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